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Who we Are...

Be Fit was established on 14th September 2001 with a view to usher in a new era in Marathon training and general physical fitness. We are proud to have trained more than 5000 people across all age groups ranging from kids, professional athletes and sportsmen as well as amateurs and senior citizens in the past decade. Members associated with Be Fit  have not only achieved success in specific sports and sporting events but have made fitness a part of their lives.

Whether your goal is becoming  an athlete, achieving personal milestones in any sporting events or simply staying fit for life and feeling great about your body, we believe you will find all your answers at Be Fit.

A regularized and systematically planned exercise schedule, programmed according to ones strength and weakness, irrespective of any health hazards is the most prominent feature at Be Fit. Emphasis is also given on a safe, healthy and natural atmosphere for training.

Major components of training consists of...
- Aerobic Walking
- Flexibility / Stretching Exercise
- Strength / Functional Training
- Endurance Training
- Conditioning Exercise
- Core Exercise
- Speed Drills
- Hill Training
- Plyometrics Exercise.
- Body composition and posture development

Educating the importance of health and fitness for today's generation especially kids who lead a very sedentary and a stressful lifestyle, has been one of the greatest challenges for parents. Hence getting them out of the couch and training them to be healthy and fit is also an important aspect that "Be Fit" caters to.

At Be Fit we have highly skilled and qualified instructors who train more than 500 members annually of different age group at venues like -
- Juhu Beach,
- Bandra Bandstand
- Dadar Shivaji Park
- Race Course etc...

Are you training hard and eating right, but still can't achieve your goals of getting fit or losing weight?
We at "Be Fit" will assist you to achieve a greater result with enthusiasm and ease, so as we say it you can run miles with a smile.


Our Team

Brinston Miranda

International athlete and founder of BE FIT. A renowned coach for athletics and physical fitness in Mumbai. Fitness has been a part of my life for past 35 years. I had a very strong desire to make fitness a part of every individuals life, Fitness for life and run miles with a smile has always been my motto. 20 years of coaching experience that includes training professional athletes, Corporate's, kids, and schools. Has successfully trained famous personalities like Neha Dhupia, Lisa Haydon, Sheeba Sabir, Sameer Kochher, Siddhartha Mallya and many more.


Won the Shiv Chhatrapati Shivaji award for best athlete of Maharashtra in track and field in 1998.
Ranked 5th at the World Masters Championship Australia 2016
Asia Masters Championship GOLD medalist Singapore 2016
Asian Masters Championship GOLD medalist China 20l7
National medalist many years. Maharashtra Champion for many years.
Mumbai Champion and record holder for 10 years.

Sylvester Rodrigues

Former sports director for RBK Int. Academy, Physical educator and coach at Ecole Mondiale World School and St Marys High School. Specializes in team sports and specific training in athletics. Is also a former district level footballer and now a coach. Is a fitness instructor for Marathon and various sports.
Has a Masters in Physical Education from the Government college of Physical Education And Sports, and has done a thesis and dissertation on sports comparison and injuries.



Rolmen Rodricks

Is a former district level athlete and one of the most efficient and diligent coach of Be Fit.
Is a certified physical fitness trainer and is currently incharge of training children for physical fitness and adults for athletics and marathon training. Is also into personal training and can get the best out of any individual.




Anthony Machado

Repesented Indian in Five a side Footbal World Cup(F5WC) held in China. Repesented Mumbai for Neymar Junior Tourment in Delhi. He is the most effervescent and smiling trainer of Be Fit.
Is a certified physical fitness trainer and an avid sportsman, represents Central Bank football team in the senior division league.




Clement Vaz

Was into athletics, football and cricket at the district and state level. With a sports background of over 25 years he now heads the administration and business development for the company. Also organizes team and fun events for the members. Is the most jovial and liked member of Be Fit.





Michael Joseph

Born on 4 August 1992. Studied in Don Bosco high school (matunga) Started playing hockey and football for school at the age of 12,Played hockey and football at the district , state and national level Played hockey for the Mumbai university twice and represented at the West zone. Played hockey at the all India level at Jamia Islamia Delhi Playing hockey for Bombay port trust ( BPT) at the Senior division. Certified fitness coach from Tulip international.

Success Stories

Nirav Desai

From walking to running to being fit , it all started after I joined BEFIT last year. I fell off a cliff in Khandala many moons ago while free hand rock climbing and pretty much broke all my bones. The rescue team took 20 hours before they could even reach me. I had to learn to walk again and doing any sport or running was a far-fetched dream. While traveling, I struggled to explore all the new places but it all changed after I was challenged to do a 1 km run by a dear friend last year.

I took up the challenge and decided to do it the best way – to join a training group. I met Brinston through my friend Simran and joined his morning batch at Juhu beach. I started taking baby steps from running short distances, to core strength and interval training on the beach followed up with upper body training at home or gym. And then in a matter of distance & time, the formidable long runs on Sundays at Worli became so easy, even at the cost of sacrificing my Saturday nights.

I did my first 10 k at the Juhu Half Marathon event in 2017 and from there on I have done many 10k runs. Last week was a big one! I did my first ever 20k run in Paris and even got my PB! BeFit helped me not only with my training and running but also with my overall fitness and discipline which has helped me in various fields of my life.

And a big perk is that I made so many new friends like BharatBhai, Namrata and I so look forward to training, running, rolling on the beach laughing with them in the wee hours of the morning followed by scrumptious breakfasts at every little joint that is open to us ! Thank you BEFIT– Brinston & Team !!

Masuma Roowala

My name is Masuma Roowala. I am a householder Yoga teacher by profession. Outdoor Sports have been an integral part of my life since my early teens.

I came across “Be Fit” one fine evening whilst enjoying my brisk walk. I joined this group with the objective of being physically fit as a group exercise.

Though I had no intentions of participating in marathons, “Be Fit” motivated me and I took the leap and registered for my first marathon - the Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon. I was elated to have acquired 5th position in the age group 60 to 64. In 2016, I participated in the Satara Hill marathon and stood 2 in the age group 60 to 99.

For me, “Be Fit” keeps me physically active and mentally stimulated. In the last three years I have made strong bonds with people from different walks of life and age groups.

“Be Fit” has a beautifully diverse group that is connected with the common passion of running and staying fit.

Paragi Sheth

I love to be fit and have been playing badminton since 20 years. I have started running since 3 months , with Befit since a month.My runbuddies Sanjay and Dr.Mansoor have encouraged and motivated me to run and take part in events.

I enjoy the rush of adrenaline in exercising ,and love trekking and hiking ,have done Everest Base Camp ,Valley of Flowers and Kalsubai peak recently and would love to do challenging treks in the future.

Thanks Brinston and the coaches of Befit and my runbuddies for their guidance and support to get a second position in my first 10 k run of Juhu beach pe run which I could complete it in 70 minutes .

Manjusha Bajaj

My name is Manjusha bajaj , I am 40 years old .

Running is my passion. Being a strong and independent woman I enjoy individual sports. I chose marathons as it allows me to stay fit and indulge my passion--running. I have been participating in marathons since the last 2 years. I won bronze medal in Tata Mumbai marathon,silver medal in run to cure. But after a while I began to feel the need to undergo specialised training to improve my skills. My search led me to Be Fit Academy. What I like about them is their core workout and time management .

After training with Be Fit I noticed that I am improving my self esteem! And performance. At the Kanakia marathon I ran a superb 58 min for 10k Thanks to Be Fit :)




Lisa Haydon

Much like yoga, marathon running is a moving meditation. Being an athlete himself, Brinston understands not only the power of focus but also the intricacies of training correctly for lifelong fitness. Brinston will make sure you achieve your goal-- we combined strength training with pace runs and then our long distance runs.

Training with Brins for the marathon changed everything about my lifestyle and its really hard to ever go back to the way it used to be before the marathon because waking up at 5am to Be Fit just feels so good.

Personal achievement, completing my first full marathon in 4hrs and 6min in the year 2013..




Nisha Sutaria

“It is all in your mind” these are the words of my coach Brinston Miranda.I have run several 21K marathons in the past and achieved the runners up position for two years in a row. But during the 21K Mumbai marathon 2013, I had a fall at about 10K that’s when my ankle started hurting, not realizing I had fractured my ankle. I could just remember the words of my coach that kept me going on and I finished winning the marathon in my age category (60plus).

When I started training I never imagined I could achieve so many things from my bucket list. I completed the world’s most challenging jungle trek in the Amazon for 3 weeks in the year 2008.Then climbed the exotic Kilimanjaro (the highest peak of South Africa) in February 2009; the climb was exhausting and really tough, especially the last 500 meters every step was an agony but the year round intense training of body and mind paid its reward.

The other dream realized was climbing down the Grand Canyon to the mighty river Colorado; it was 13K down the treacherous track and then trekking in the gruelling heat of Arizona in August 2010.

One of the most precious dream of my life was Horse riding, which I had almost given up. As age advances, the body is less supple as it used to be. But I could realize that dream and am still enjoying every part of it including numerous falls.
Thanks to Brinston sir for the gift of physical and mental fitness training, due to which I have achieved my dreams beyond satisfaction.

Bhumika Gosrani

I have been running the Mumbai Marathon since 2004 but it has never been my passion. I would just run to challenge myself, but didn’t really practice or trained professionally.

One morning when I and my husband were taking a regular walks on the beach I came across an instructor training a group of people and out of curiosity I spoke and inquired with him, and since then I have been training with Coach Brinston Miranda.

Training with Be Fit group was fun, enjoyable and as I continued training under professional guidance my timings have improved considerably. My earlier runs weren’t targeted or timed, but with discipline training, focus and punctual diet came better timings and good results which boosted my confidence to run each year. Being in a vibrant group brought exposure to run marathons in different cities.

Ran the 21K  Delhi marathon in 2010, then came the 21K Kaveri Trail Run in 2011 where I was the Winner and course record holder, the trail was very difficult because of the uphill and muddy areas, but the keep going spirit kept me on. This was attainable with regular practice and motivation from Brinston and the group that made the impossible possible. It was a surprise for me and my family back home. I ran the Mumbai marathon in 2011 with an improved timing of 2.05mins and also the Goa marathon.

A new year came a new dream and wanted to run the full marathon in 2012 so I called Brinston Sir to ask if this was achievable and he immediately gave a thumb up. Then started rigorous and disciplined training which included a proper diet, the full Mumbai marathon of 2012 dream came true with a timing of 5hr 30min.

This year 2013 I wanted to run the Mumbai Half marathon in less than 2 hours, so I continued training harder, running faster and better than before. I altered my diet and lost a few kilos which made me feel light just like I could fly. Our group had great expectations from me as I was running very well along with the best runners in my group. I clocked the Mumbai marathon 2013 in 1 hr 56 min.
Each year a new dream accomplished, and a shine in my own eyes and my family was all hugs for me which wouldn’t have ever happened without the training from Brinston. Thanks a lot!

Lata Alimehandani

My name is LATA ALIMEHANDANI.........59 years.

I had a boutique and was doing well but passion for running and importance of good health was always on my mind. So gave up my store to my daughter to handle and started taking care of my health and thus took to running in 2013.My first run was pinkathon which was without much pratice. I had heard about BE FIT RUNNERS and thought of giving it a try and to say I made no mistake in joining my coach BRINSTON MIRANDA of BEFIT. Looked like running is in their blood.

My journey with BE FIT began,I ran the SCMM 21k, did HIRANANDANI 21k and stood fourth. Got my first podium finish in the ILFS 10k and had no words to describe how i felt......I was like a bird in the sky. So many people watching and cheering you.With BE FIT I got my podium finishes. Won both BNP, HIRANANDANI, IDBI, RUN INDIA RUN, SATARA, TABLAZE 21K, PUMA, DEHLI, AIRTEL, AYARE RUN, AND BOTH YEARS VASAI-VIRAR TOO. ILFS WINNER FOR 3 TIMES. GOD MEDAL IN NATIONAL ATHELETS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP. With god grace and BE FIT have done very well.Did my first 42k in Amsterdram for which Brinston sir took care of my age and trained me well. Did my BERLIN full marathon in a personal best time of 4hrs 22 mins which is a great acchievemeny for my age at 59 years old.

BE FIT is unique and different, which gives personal attention to nearly all the runners.No words to thank my Sir Brinston Miranda and his fully dedicated team BE FIT.I had done my traning in USA before joining Be Fit but I prefer BE FIT. I want all ladies to do some form of excercise and stay fit. I do enjoy weight and intensive training and yoga too.


Nilay Dalal

I have always been into sports and have competed at different levels in various sports throughout my life.The latest sport I took to, was running triathlons.

I have been participating in triathlons for 2 years now across India. However when I decided to do the Ironman 70.3 in Barcelona 2016, I felt I had bitten more than what I could chew. I realized that simple training was not enough for such an event. I needed to train smart and optimize both work and training.It is only with the help of my coach Brinston Miranda and his team of dedicated trainers at Be Fit that I was focused on my training, ensuring sufficient rest and just the right amount of push to help me complete the event successfully.

They worked keeping in mind my work schedule and certain medical conditions to perform the best in the event.Sir has always pushed me in the right way, just the right amount, motivated me to become the best athlete I am capable of becoming and most importantly trained me for Ironman.

Thank you Brinston Sir and the Be Fit team for training, motivating and guiding me to achieve my goal.

Kapil Arora

9 years back when I started training for my first ever half marathon, I had no idea my life was about to change. First half marathon was a struggle and I ended up running a distance of 21km in 2.38 hrs and half dead. However unlike many , I decided to "double" the target next year to full marathon 42 km and that's when I met my coach Brinston Miranda from Befit. He told me to come for training and eat one banana ,get a mat and water bottle. That's it...!!there I was at Juhu beach at 6 am next day and there was no looking back since then.

What followed was training schedule with a huge variety and that's where Be Fit is different form other training groups:

1) Different types of training schedules which suits everyone : Every day is different and exciting with Be Fit - it's training on the whole and not only running which is done. This include drills, and boot camp style training, Hill training, endurance training and core strengthening.
2)Personalised attention to each individual - every ones got different fitness level, goals and different objective and brinston ensure he keeps a minute track of everyone's daily progress.
3)Group workouts - Group workouts are tough but fun since you are with your friends while burning those calories and when you experience results, one tends to put more and more efforts.
Every year I have observed novice runners taking up new challenges and practice for full Marathons and ultramarathons.
I have personally experience this change form being a casual runner to being running brand ambassador for 'Puma'.. Have successfully completed till date 27Half Marathons, 9 Full Marathons,2 "comrades", ultramarathons 89kms race on the hills in South Africa and now preparing for Ironman trithalon event in Zurich next year. Brinston has been responsible for immaculately designing training sessions as schedules at each step and each race. And he has been proficient enough to design a customised programme for each race to complement my work schedule.
My Pbs have undergone a sea change now with Half Marathon best time being 1.38hrs and Full Marathon best time 3.41 hrs.
Looking forward to many many more successful races with Befit and he will ensure "you run miles with smiles"

Jayshree Thakur

Hi! I am Jayshree Thakur a homeopath... This is my journey put in words.. I was an athlete in school but had to give up sports due to studies (medicine) and due to which I piled on lots of weight. I was always trying all tack-ticks to lose weight but due to laziness and lack of perseverance would give up. I was very conscious of my weight and used to lack confidence. Every year in January the Mumbai marathon is scheduled. I always dreamt of running the marathon but would give up the idea due to my weight. In 2012 I decided I will lose weight and nothing better than running.

So I made up my mind that I will run the Mumbai marathon 2013. Running requires a good training and with a recommendation from my patient I got to know of Mr Brinston Miranda. When I met him the first time for my training session I told him “I can’t run for 5 minutes but I want to run the half marathon” he smiled and with full confidence and conviction told me you will be able to run. For a minute I thought he was crazy how will he make a 90kg person who has not ran for 5 minutes run a marathon? But there was a conviction and strong sense of belief in me. He kept pushing me whenever I used to feel low. With his encouraging comments, guidance and points to run I started running initially for 15min then 30min then 60 min at a stretch. It was only because of him I was able to believe in myself and was now able to see my dream coming true.

In October 2012 there was a vasai virar marathon and I had trained only for few months, everyone felt it was too early for me to run but Brinston sir asked me to participate. It was a tough run as it started at 7 am I was dead tired after 15kms. I wanted to give up but I kept constantly remembering Brinston sir's word of advice that, "weakness is in your mind, don’t give up." How could I let him down. I raced through the finishing line due to his encouraging words resonating in my mind.

I finished the race in 3 hr 15 min. it was an achievement, my dream came true of running a 21 K marathon. It was possible only because of my coach as he made me believe in myself. I have completed two more marathons Goa and Mumbai, consistently progressing with my time. In this journey of running I managed to lose 15 kgs from 90kgs. I am today 75kgs from lazy to more active person. Today I am fit and confident. I am not targeting to be size zero but my target is to run and remain fit and healthy always. I have featured for my weight loss journey in Hindustan Times and Mid Day.

I hope to encourage as many people as I can, that it doesn’t matter if you are fat, u too can run and be fit. You require a good trainer (Brinston Miranda) and perseverance you too can achieve just believe in yourself.

Mukesh Gandhi

As I write this dearly piece of my heart on the journey with Be Fit, many thoughts and emotions run through my nerves! More so because I am writing this as I leave my hospital bed now to go home after my angioplasty. Be Fit has been a crucial pillar for my mental and physical fitness through such tender phases!

My journey with BE FIT started in the year 2007. From Barely able to run 500 meters to now running for 21 kms without any pain and with a smile has been extremely overwhelming!

Coming from a traditional Indian set up where we live to eat, stressful life with stock market as profession, extremely social life with many late night parties, BE FIT has ever since 2007 has made me extremely disciplined. Training regularly has made me stronger phyically and mentally as our coach Brinston always says, before your body gives up, your mind is the first to give up! I have trained my mind to be stronger and focused.

Be fit has provided me with an overall fit health. I am able to enjoy my new innings of life just like a teenager! Be FIT and its team has made me fall in love with running...resulting in my fit and positive life

On the decade of being this awesome, I wish Be Fit team many congratulations and wish for many more healthy running years to come! BE FIT ROCKS!

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